Good Green Neighbors is a locally-owned, family business.

We strive to be good neighbors by using green alternatives whenever possible:

  • We pull weeds by hand rather than spraying unnecessary, toxic chemicals.
  • We use battery-powered mowers, lawn edgers, and weed whackers.
  • We reduce noise pollution by using the quietest leaf blowers available.

Our experienced crew is reliable, honest and friendly. We respond to inquiries quickly and we finish projects on-time and on-budget. Good Green Neighbors is licensed and insured for both commercial and residential properties.

Press Coverage

Irrigation & Green Industry Network

“[Rich] White has converted all of Good Green Neighbors’ machines, from mowers to blowers, over to propane or battery power. ‘That’s what sets us apart from other companies. Not using chemicals and pesticides is easy; you can check it off. but what really announces that we’re green is the machines we use. Everyone else is out there using gas-powered machines and mowers.’

‘Being seen using propane mowers is pretty important,’ he continues. ‘It’s the face of the company, and the thing that really stands out. People say, ‘Hey, this guy’s into propane; that’s really cool!’”