Lawn Mowing

Keep your lawn neat and healthy with biweekly mowing service. Our eco-friendly equipment includes battery-powered mowers and edgers, battery-powered weed wackers, and low-decibel leaf blowers. During each visit, we will cut your grass, trim and edge your lawn, and clear off your driveway and sidewalk.

Why Green Matters:

  • Gas mowers represent 5% of U.S. Air Pollution, according to the EPA.
  • According to the EPA, one gas mower spews 88 lbs. of the greenhouse gas CO2, and 34 lbs. of other pollutants into the air every year.
  • Over 17 million gallons of gas are spilled each year refueling lawn and garden equipment – more oil than was spilled by the Exxon Valdez.
  • Americans burn 800 million gallons of gas each year trimming their grassy yards, according to the EPA.
  • One gas mower running for an hour emits the same amount of pollutants as eight new cars driving 55 mph for the same amount of time, according to the Union of Concerned Scientists.
Lawn Mowing Portland Oregon

What Our Clients Say:

Erin M.

Rich and his team have been taking care of our lawn for several years now. They also regularly clean out our gutters. I’ve always been impressed by their friendliness, their efficiency and by the quality of their work. You won’t go wrong by hiring them.

Erin M.
Heather S.

We were looking for an environmentally friendly, affordable lawn care service, and we found it at Good Green Neighbors. Owner, Rich, emailed me 10 minutes after I sent an inquiry! We scheduled a viewing of the lawn for the following day (so easy!).

Being a new homeowner, I was worried about how to care for my lawn. Rich reassured me that the lawn’s color had little to with my lack of skill, and more to do with our Portland summer AND the type of native grasses. He explained that we should water our lawn 10 minutes a day, (especially in the morning and after mowing, since the grass is more vulnerable after being cut: understandable!). He encouraged watering the plants, and, he was able to give me tips on my lawn care, things that as a new homeowner, I just didn’t know.

Rich was interested, friendly, and honest. When I suggested fertilization, he encouraged my waiting until the fall, rather than waste money on fertilizer that would just get burned out in the heat.

Rich hires people full-time, and really takes care of his employees (something I really appreciate). He also uses eco-friendly products, all green fertilizers, and bio diesel and propane equipment, as Yelper, Jacques V. wrote about.

Lastly, his crew of one, J.R. is fabulous! After only meeting me once, he remembered my name, how I liked our plants to look (drapey as opposed to perfectly cut), and does a stellar job! Our lawn looks beautiful!

I highly, highly recommend Good Green Neighbors for beautiful, adept, professional, AND eco-friendly lawn care!

Heather S.